The 2013 Disneyland 10K Race Recap

24 Sep

It was a morning no runner wants to experience. I woke up knowing I was sick. If this was any normal day, I would have stayed right in bed and nursed whatever was going on. It wasn’t pre-race jitters. I was legitimately sick. I don’t condone running while sick. Heck, remember the time I ran with pneumonia? But I wasn’t going to drop a lot of money for this race and risk not getting my Coast to Coast and Dumbo medals. So I got showered and dressed and sucked it up.


The Anaheim buses were taking runners over to the Disneyland gates free of charge, so we shuttled it over there and make the short walk to the Disneyland Hotel where the starting area was. I don’t remember much besides getting choked up about being sick and using the port-a-potties. However, one reader Mona, introduced herself to me, and I can’t express how much that did for my mental well-being at the time. I actually ran in to quite a few friends that morning, despite being in a crowed of thousands of strangers. I met up with my friend Susan, and I felt better just being in the corrals with someone I knew. If my mother couldn’t be there, Susan was a great replacement.

It wasn’t long until our corral made its way down the palm tree-lined street to the start line.

The first mile and a half, maybe 2 miles, were out in the streets by The Grand Californian and the Anaheim Convention Center. Then, we wound our way in to the backside of California Adventure. Since I was walking the whole way, I took lots of pictures!

After running backstage by the Tower of Terror and behind the Hyperion Theater, we ran on over to Disneyland!

Running down Main Street in Disneyland is a lot different than running down Main Street in Disney World. There weren’t any spectators at Disneyland on Main Street, so it was a weird, quiet experience instead of the bustling, rowdy crowd with cowbells in Disney World.

Oh look! Mickey’s house! They tore his house down in Disney World. I assume he was foreclosed on 😉

Does anyone know who this chipmunk is?

After running through the castle, we got a great tour of New Orleans Square and Critter Country, homes to the Haunted Mansion and Splash Mountain.

Unfortunately, the Haunted Mansion was closed for refurbishment for their holiday festivities. That’s ok.. it gives me an excuse to revisit Disneyland some other time!

I never did start feeling well during this race. I ran only when I could and stopped when I felt nauseous. Again, I don’t condone this. I did what I had to do to get that Coast to Coast medal that I had been dreaming of for four years.

Once we were out of Disneyland, we ran through Downtown Disney to the finish near the Disneyland Hotel.

There it was… the finish line!

These are some welcomed faces!

Right as I finished, I got a text from Sara saying she had just finished too. She was right behind me, but she also started later than I did. She kicked my tail for sure! I’m so proud of her!

This little beauty was so worth running while not feeling up to par.

My results:

disneyland 10k results

An 18:03 pace. Ouch!

Overall, besides being sick, this was a great race. I loved that I got to tour Disneyland and California Adventure pretty much for the first time with this race course. It was a really humid and hot day, so I wish they had had Powerade at the  water stations. I believe there were 3 water stations, and most had run out of cups by the time I finally showed up. But overall, like I said, I loved this race. The half marathon, as you’ll read in the next few days, was a different story.

If you ran the 10K at Disneyland, link it up in the comments below!

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4 Responses to “The 2013 Disneyland 10K Race Recap”

  1. Sabrina September 24, 2013 at 8:00 pm #

    I wouldn’t normally condone running when sick either, but I certainly understand the time and money that goes into prepping for a Disney race. Congrats on finding the strength and going the distance. 😉

    The Disneyland 10k is on my bucket list for next year, as is getting the coast to coast. Fingers crossed!

  2. destiny September 25, 2013 at 12:34 pm #

    Great pictures! I loved this course! Can’t wait to hear your thoughts on the half – it’s my least favorite course – Tink is actually a completely different route that I like a lot better. I’m sorry you were sick – I was running injured – it wasn’t so bad for the 10k – but i *barely* finished the half. I’m such a baby when it comes to running in hot weather – last year was much much cooler.

  3. Lori September 26, 2013 at 9:37 pm #

    I love your pictures also. Brings back a lot of memories. I loved this course as well. I would actually come back just to run the 10k and then spend the rest of the time sightseeing rather than torturing myself with the half marathon again.

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